Machinery & Utilities

We are aware that in order to produce excellent quality products for customers satisfaction, required advanced technology in the production process. That's why we keep monitoring the development and technological advances in electronics.

We apply robotics technology in the production process. The whole machines that are used to operate are automatic machines in accordance with the instructions of computerized program.

By applying this advanced technology and supported by experienced operator in the operation of machines, our machines are able to work effectively and efficiently so they can produce excellent quality products.

Chip Mounter

The Robot or machine programmed so it can mount SMT component simultaneously. With high speed and precise accuracy, this machine is able to work very effectively and efficiently.

I Systems

Machine to analyze the outputs of SMT with high speed and precise accuracy. I-Systems is capable of detecting mismatched production with a predetermined reference, such as: the component is not mounted, the component does not match the diagram or less pasta. With I-Systems, all of these deficiencies can be detected with great accuracy.

Wave Solder

Automatic soldering machine with high production capacity and environmentally friendly ( Pb-free).

Automatic Wire Cutting

The wire stripping and twisting machine is especially designed for processing multi strand wires with cross section up to 2.5mm^2 , it allows twisting both sides after stripping and it has a very high output rate due to double cut system, all process parameters can be saved along with applied pressure values.


The wire crimping machine comprises wide applications capable to fit vertical and horizontal molds, one machine fits for all terminal types by change of crimping die. The Max. feeding distance is about 32mm thus it's suitable for terminals with large space between each other. It ensures that the right amount of force and displacement is applied to terminals when they are crimped to wires.